What is PeopleCount.org?

PeopleCount.org is a non-partisan organization that empowers the public to communicate constructively by taking stands on political issues influencing the country today and seeing the collective results. Through each political profile on PeopleCount.org, users are given a voice to provide relevant and timely solutions to government issues, including some that are not yet in the mainstream news.

With PeopleCount.org, you can create your unique political profile on issues such as climate change and renewable energy. Each profile is a set of questions asking for your positions or beliefs about issues or legislation. A short while after a profile appears, the collective opinions will automatically be shared with you and your elected officials.

PeopleCount.org is also open to state and federal representatives, allowing our leaders to be accountable and see where their constituents stand on issues.

Our Mission

Democracy can only work well if there's communication and accountability. PeopleCount.org is building the foundation to make this possible.

Our mission is to empower people to be responsible for and create effective and accountable government

At PeopleCount.org we strive to empower citizens to be the prime influence on government. We are dedicated to:

  • Empowering people to inform themselves and take stands.
  • Empowering governments to be guided by the desires of citizens.
  • Discovering common goals and facilitating solutions.
  • Enabling political discourse to be civil and productive, not divisive.

Meet the Team

Rand Strauss, President, CEO and visionary of PeopleCount.org, has more than 30 years of software engineering and managing experience in Silicon Valley and has degrees in Math and Computer Science from Stanford. In 2011, Strauss realized a change was needed in the political sphere. Too many people feel their actions don't make much of a difference. Strauss has dedicated his time to providing the public with a way to create a government they love.

Merrill Hanson is the President and CEO of icount.com, the partnering site behind the PeopleCount.org vision. icount is the first political website that validates the public to enhance communication between elected officials and citizens. He has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry focused on business and IT alignment.
Dr. Ed Perper founded Science Branding Communications and AnimationMD after practicing as a clinical cardiologist. He has been involved in digital medical education for over 20 years and is passionate about creating compelling and visually dynamic medical education programs.

Jim Aldridge, CEO of Flatbed Energy and Engineering Director at Alpha Robotic Systems, has been a scientist, executive and board member for over 30 years, developing cutting edge hardware solutions and now renewable energy solutions. He is dedicated to a future where people thrive using abundant, inexpensive green energy.

George Gosieski is chair of the National Institute of Building Science's Committee on Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate, a U.S. State Department appointee to the UNFCCC as a national greenhouse gas expert, and member of The Sustainability Consortium. George is applying his energies toward developing socially responsible corporate campuses and buildings.