I'd love to hear from you! I'm hard at work trying to move the software forward while reaching out to people to help, working a job, taking care of my family, my health, my house, my debts. Yes, it's very slow.

Please contact me if you can help.

Rand Strauss, PeopleCount, Inc, a California Benefit Corporation
1815 Walnut Drive, Mountain View, California, 94040
650-861-1537, 8am-8pm Pacific, or use any of the email addresses below.

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Expand my network

If you have suggestions of people to connect with, please contact THEM, not me. I'm HAPPY to talk to them. The only thing less believable than receiving a cold call about a "great idea" is receiving a call from the inventor.

Cold calls are almost entirely a waste of time. If you have a favorite political leader, activist or celebrity to turn onto PeopleCount, you're welcome to suggest they lend their support.

If you have other suggestions, please send me an email. I'm extremely creative and have tons of ideas I can't act on. I don't need more. But I can easily file away an email.

Donations, Volunteers, & Sponsorship Opportunities

If you're interested in working for me, it'll cost you. You'll have to donate around $12/hour so I can pay you minimum wage ($11/hour) plus pay the payroll tax. I don't have a board so PeopleCount can't be a non-profit, so you can't donate time.

You can donate small amounts of work, like help out with some JavaScript or HTML, if you have front-end skills.

If you want to run a crowdfunding campaign for PeopleCount, you can do that. email me with a proposal and who you are, what your skills are and your contact info.

For donations, please see the donation page. Those are very welcome. Unless you can give a lot, their main value is in showing support. When I can finally afford a crowd-funding campaign (if I have to pay people to do it), it'd help to say that a bunch of people have donated over the years.

Press & Media

I'm happy to talk with you. You just have to get in (the unbelievably short) line...

Social Media

Follow PeopleCount on Facebook. Or twitter, but I post even less there...

Want more information?

See my blog.