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PeopleCount works by making Congress accountable to the people.


What is accountability?

If you are a manager, an employee is accountable to you when:

  1. You direct them
  2. You have expectations for what they'll accomplish.
  3. They report to you on the issues important to you.
  4. You judge their performance.
  5. You can fire them and hire someone else.

Right now, your representatives are not accountable to you. You only have a tiny bit of the last one, #5.

Right now, politicians are accountable to the people they report to, wealthy donors, the parties, and themselves.

Most politicians say they entered politics to represent the people, to make a difference. But once in office, they are pressured to be accountable to donors. They get locked into party politics. And they know what very, very few people want.

So let's give them a way to be accountable to people and be free of donors and party gridlock.


How PeopleCount Enables Accountability

  1. You will direct them by voting on issues. Our combined votes tell us and them what we want.

  2. You will have expectations for what they'll accomplish. You'll see how everyone is voting. What your district or state wants is what your elected officials should be working towards. What the country wants tells us what's reasonable to accomplish.

  3. Politicians will report on the issues important to you. On each issue you can check a box to say you want monthly reports. Seeing the demand, they'll report. Reporting to you is the essence of accountability.

  4. You will judge their performance. You'll grade each report on how well they are doing delivering the solutions that citizens want. You'll be able to see the average grade you've given them, plus the average grade other constituents have given them.

  5. You will be able to fire them and hire someone else.

    Challengers will be able to report as well. More people will be able to run for office because they can run inexpensive yet effective campaigns communicating with citizens through the site. We'll have more choice in elections, we'll be more involved with issues, we'll more easily assess candidates via their reports and grades.

    All candidates will see what we want and report to us. They'll compete to carry out our wishes and be accountable. More candidates will be centrists, moderates.

    We'll grade candidates on their reports, just like incumbents. When elections come, it'll be easy to see the grades you've given them, and their grade point averages, to see who we all prefer.

We expect the first big impact of PeopleCount will be on a issues where a large majority of citizens agree, but Congress has been unwilling or unable to act. As people vote, the overwhelming desire for these changes will become known. If representatives don't make progress and promises immediately, challengers will.

There's a lot more:

  • All your data is private - it won't be used for marketing.
  • You will be able to get great information on issues.
  • There will be a way for you to suggest issues and answers.
  • There will be ways to see what solutions and candidates your causes and your parties endorse.

PeopleCount's reason for existence is to empower you, The People, to self-govern efficiently through accountable representatives. PeopleCount's mission is to benefit society.

If you'd like to read more, please see our blog.


How PeopleCount Will Grow

Several special interests with hundreds of thousands of members have agreed to send their members to the site when it's ready. More will send their members when questions on their issues appear. They'll want their members to influence the results.

Several congressional candidates have said they will use the site and ask their constituents to use it. Others will want to as well, as they hear about it and as their competitors use it. As more people use the site, asking for reports, more politicians will participate.

We'll have viral and social-media campaigns as well as a traditional P.R. effort.


How YOU can Participate

Register and vote today!

Please contact us if you'd like to help.


Project status: November, 2015

We need funding. Please donate $5 - $100.