Currently, we're self-funded, using our personal savings to be the change we want to see in the world. Donations will allow us to grow and add the features needed to achieve our mission.

Donations are not tax-deductible. We are a California benefit corporation, so our explicit purpose is to benefit society, but we are not a 5013(c), not a charity.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Donations

  • Why do people donate to
    • To initiate change in our government so they are more responsive, efficient and cost-effective.
    • To achieve political goals important to our users and citizens, such as overturning Citizens United or addressing climate change. While does not advocate for any one result, we strive to bring light especially to the issues with widespread support among voters.
    • To discover new ways forward in other political areas. As more political profile are available, we'll find more issues we agree on. If there are deep divisions in an area, we can add to a profile questions about compromises or new solutions.
    • To make political efforts more efficient. When people working on a cause know how much support there is, effort can be focused on building further support and the results can be monitored on
    • To make political efforts less expensive. If candidates could reach voters inexpensively, candidates wouldn't need to raise a lot of money. Incumbents wouldn't need to spend as much time fundraising, voters would get fewer please for money, and the importance of money in elections would decrease.
    • To help create world peace and prosperity. We envision a day when is available to everyone for their local and national politics as well as globally, so all peoples can express themselves politically, and can be used to solve international problems and end conflicts.
  • How is my donation to PeopleCount used?

    Your money goes to PeopleCount, Inc, a California "benefit corporation." A benefit corporation, also called a "B corporation," has a stated purpose of being for the benefit of society. It's not a non-profit corporation, so your donation is not tax-deductible.

    Your donations help to cover our costs. Costs include salaries, programming and computing resources, distribution (marketing), and website design and development.

    Your donations are not spent on partisan positions. Our purpose is to enable people to govern themselves effectively. We work hard to be strictly non-partisan.

  • Why are you not a non-profit?

    Gaining nonprofit status would impose additional constraints and take time away from launching. Where we’re located, there are abundant resources for corporate startups. As a California B corporation, while not a non-profit, our stated purpose is to benefit society. As a B corporation, we retain the option to become a nonprofit or seek investment capital down the road.

  • Can I donate by check instead of using a credit card?

    Donations of $50 or more are accepted by check. Mail to:
        PeopleCount, Inc, c/o Rand Strauss
        1815 Walnut Dr
        Mountain View, CA  94040

    For smaller donations, if you don't have a credit card, that's okay! You can support us by encouraging your friends and families to register and complete their political profiles.