Invitation: Transform Government and Politics

Come transform:

  • Government to be responsive, productive, and of, by and for The People
  • Representatives to be accountable and willing and able to compromise
  • Politics to be constructive and peaceful
  • Elections to offer real choice and be about electing good people

Vote on political issues, such as:

What PeopleCount is, and will be:

  • A communication system
    - letting us express our views by voting on issues
    - enabling us to know what we collectively want, to know what our representatives should deliver
    - allowing us all, The People, to design our future together
    - enabling representatives to legislate with confidence, and create acceptable compromises
  • An accountability system:
    - rewarding representatives for reporting to us
    - enabling representatives and challengers to communicate with us inexpensively
  • Your private, non-partisan political dashboard
    - with access to your votes and collective totals
    - with access to information, experts and other sites

Sign in and vote today.

  • You'll be able to vote and update your positions at any time
  • You'll feel you have a complete view of issues
  • You'll feel responsible for our future, that your opinions are important
  • When thousands of people have participated, results will be shown

Help Create a future where:

  • Citizens are responsible, informed and empowered
  • Politics is peaceful and constructive
  • Representatives are responsive, accountable and productive
  • Political campaigns are inexpensive
  • Elections offer real choice

Begin today!

(For more information, see How it Works, our FAQ, and our Blog)