Help and Known Issues

Neither a Register page nor a Profile appear

Problem: The Register page and a Profile never appear

Solution: Wait up to 30 seconds.

If it still doesn't appear, check to see if your browser uses an ad blocker, especially "Ad Blocker Plus". Disabling this should fix the problem.

To disable this, check in your browser's "Preferences" or "Settings" and look for "add-ons" or "applications" or "plug-ins".

We have had difficulty reproducing this problem. If you have this problem, please try to fix it by disabling add-ons, one at a time, and then send an email to

Cause: We use something called an "IFrame" to bring the content from into the web page. This is also commonly used by advertisements.

How to Register

  1. Go to and click on the yellow button "Register To Get Started". You'll see the beginning of the page quickly, but the main section could take 2-30 seconds to load.
  2. Click on Register. Click on one of the buttons to register using your gmail, yahoo or facebook login, or enter your email address twice, create a password, and click on the red "register" button.
  3. The Political Reform profile questions appear. Answer at least the first question. When you answer a question, it's automatically saved. When finished, click on "Return to your Political Profile" and you're welcome to complete more profiles.

Registering gives a message that the username already exists

Problem: Click on Register, enter your email address and a new password. It displays a message:
      An object with the same "username" already exist.
      That email address is already in use

Solution: Click on "SIGN IN" instead of "REGISTER" (There's a "SIGN IN" link above, on the right, in the solid blue banner.)

Cause: The form seems to think you clicked twice. It accepts your email address and gives the message for the second click.

The site is slow

We apologize. This is a working prototype. After we secure funding, this will be a top priority. You can help by encouraging your friends to sign up, sending us a testamonial about your support, "LIKE"ing our Facebook page, as well as by donating.

Is support available?

Yes. Email Please include your operating systemm type and version, and your browser type and version. Please type "SUPPORT REQUEST" at the start of the subject line.

The issue wasn't interesting to me

  • The profiles vary in character. To sample the different possibilities, fill out the entire Political Reform profile, the Traditional Energy profile and the Gun Ownership profile. Imagine if all of America were participating on these and other issues.
  • Americans aren't very politically involved. Some spend a lot of time on a few issues. Lots of time is what it takes because there's no easy way to register your positions, and even if you try, it's very difficult to hold officials accountable. So many don't participate.
  • We promise, with your help, to build the political communication and accountability system to solve these challenges.

Apologies is a working prototype- please try it and envision what it would be like if this were in common use. We have no funding so development has halted.

Currently we offer you a vision of the future and a taste of it. Please look at the How it Works page and the invitation, as well as the blog.

We're currently looking for cofounders (especially in marketing), partners and sponsors, as well as users. Please refer people to us! We'd especially like to find interested people in organizations who'd like their members to vote on issues, organizations such as political parties, special interest groups, and others with members, such as AARP.

We're also writing a book about the vision. Help with that is welcome as well.

In lieu of a sponsor, we can get financing once we have about 10,000 users. So please invite your friends to try